Scientific Illustration and Paleoart

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Illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine

Comic Illustration for Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Sticker Sheet for Georgia Department of Natural Resources

Tunicate larva illustration for lab at Georgia Institute of Technology

Logo design of a giant golden-crowned flying fox (with color variations) for a private client.

Velvet Worm

Titicaca Water Frog

Green Moray Eel

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Cordyceps Infected Moth

Cordyceps Infected Grub


Tiger Salamander



Dunkleosteus, an extinct armored fish from the Late Devonian Period.

Entelodont mother and baby

Allosaurus Reconstruction

Cambrian sea life

Silurian sea life

Surinam toad diagram

Comic for Swim On: A Shark Conservation Zine

Wobbegong Shark comic for Swim On: A Shark Zine for Charity

Rabbit skull pattern

Thylacine studies

Cambrian life illustration

Types of Anteaters